Managed service providers (MSPs) can help small to large businesses streamline operations, improve cybersecurity, and increase productivity. Unfortunately, however, far too many businesses give up these benefits because they believe some of the common myths about MSPs.

To help you understand the value and benefits that managed service providers can offer, here’s a look at some common myths about MSPs and the facts behind them.

Don’t Be Swayed by These 3 Misconceptions About MSPs

Myths like these tend to arise from poor, minimal experiences with past MSPs.

1. MSPs are too expensive. I can’t afford to hire an MSP.

Thinking about paying another vendor can be a budget breaker that immediately shuts down the idea to hire an MSP. However, for many companies, retaining a managed service provider can actually save them money. For example, it can help them:

  • Limit their need for full-time, in-house IT staff
  • Reduce the costs and headaches that can come with IT disasters and/or cyberattacks
  • Keep their IT assets well maintained, helping them get the best return on investment from them

Considering about 60% of small businesses have to close their doors after one cyberattack, having an MSP who can help you avoid those attacks can be an invaluable investment when it comes to the success of your business.

2. My data will be less secure with an MSP.

A good MSP can devise and roll out a custom plan that’s effective at keeping your IT assets secure. This plan can include doing things like (but not limited to) the following on:

  • Setting up and verifying routine data backups
  • Building secure firewalls and virtual private networks
  • Proactively monitoring cyberthreats and addressing them before they cause problems
  • Keeping hardware and software up to date so it’s not vulnerable to malware, viruses, and other threats

Alternatively, without an MSP, many small businesses end up sidelining the day-to-day IT maintenance work that’s essential to keeping systems and data secure. In fact, all too often, companies without MSPs or dedicated, well-trained IT teams in-house will end up only making their computer and network issues a priority after something has gone wrong.

3. All MSPs are the same.

MSPs can vary drastically by experience, industry specialty, availability, off-limit services, and more. The reality is that all managed service providers are different, and you can’t assume that any given option will provide the support, expertise, and/or solutions you need.

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