Cloud computing offers the flexibility and connectivity businesses need to stay competitive in today’s dynamic markets. No matter what the size or age of your business may be—and no matter what industry you’re in—cloud computing may provide several advantages while saving you money, both today and well into the future.

How Businesses Can Benefit from Cloud Computing: 4 Key Advantages

Migrating to the cloud may make some business owners uneasy. Some fear change or don’t want to mess up a system that’s already working (even if it’s redundant, inefficient, or antiquated). Others may worry about cloud security and performance.

Regardless of what may be holding you back from cloud computing, here are some of the key benefits it can offer.

1. Scalability

With cloud computing, businesses can easily ramp up operations whenever they need to. That can mean immediate access to more storage and power as operations grow and demand more supporting infrastructure. Alternatively, without cloud computing, putting this infrastructure in place can take a lot more time, energy, and expense.

2. Security

A couple of the biggest threats to a company’s data and sensitive IT assets are its employees and the hackers who target them. When employees are taken by phishing (or other) scams, cloud computing can prevent local attacks from becoming network-wide disasters.

Additionally, with cloud computing, businesses can take a proactive approach to cybersecurity, monitoring and neutralizing threats before they cause breaches and serious data losses.

3. Collaboration

Whenever employees need to travel or work remotely, cloud computing makes it easy for them to securely:

  • Communicate with their team
  • Access company data and emails
  • Share files
  • And more

While that can keep an on-the-go team well connected and highly efficient, it can also be essential if a team has to work remotely, like in the case of an office fire or a shutdown due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

4. Regular, Automatic Software Updates

Updating software can be tedious, and many employees will choose to skip updates if it’s going to slow them down while they’re in the middle of a task. However, putting off these updates can make entire systems vulnerable to glitches, cyberattacks, and other problems.

With cloud computing, software updates can be automatically deployed to all connected devices. That can ensure all staff’s computers, laptops, and mobile phones are running the most up-to-date software, keeping the company’s hardware and data as secure as possible.

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