IT support and service can be a cornerstone of success for modern businesses. In fact, experts say:

  • IT downtime costs U.S. businesses at least $1.55 million annually.
  • About 1 in 3 employees says that IT issues reduce their productivity.

If you’ve outsourced IT for your business and the service seems to be subpar, check out the following to see if they describe your experience. If they do, now’s the right time to find a new, better IT service provider.

Does This Describe Your Current IT Service Provider or Experience?

Don’t accept the following as the “standard” for IT service. When you notice any of these red flags of poor service, contact IT1 Services to discover how our first-class Denver IT services can transform your business.

1. Reactive, not proactive, service

Do you only see your IT provider when there’s a problem? Has it been some time since your IT assets have been proactively maintained or updated?

If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, your provider isn’t giving you great service. A good IT consultant will be proactive about serving your needs, anticipating and addressing potential risks, and doing what’s needed to minimize problems.

2. Delayed response times

How long does it take for you to hear back from your IT provider when you call or email them with questions or issues? How long does it take them to get to your location and address the issue(s)?

You should never have to wait long to talk to your provider or expect a response and solutions. If you’re having to reach out multiple times, follow up to find out what’s going on, or wait days for a tech to come out, it’s time to look for a new IT provider.

3. Lagging systems

Are your systems slow or prone to freezes? Do IT issues regularly interrupt workflow or impede productivity?

If so, your IT provider is not taking the right steps to upgrade, support, or fix your systems. Whether that’s due to inexperience or a lack of capacity, don’t settle for poor-quality service that can destroy your bottom line. Look for a new IT provider who can keep your company agile and at the cutting-edge of the tech your company relies on.

4. Recurring issues

Are you seeing the same IT issues pop up every few days, weeks, or months? Are problems that should have been addressed with a recent upgrade still happening?

Repeating issues are another red flag that it’s time to dump your current IT provider and look for a new one. A good IT partner can effectively resolve issues and monitor your systems to help avoid those issues in the future.

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