Knowing when to invest in your business with IT consulting services isn’t always easy. Whether you’re just starting to consider retaining an IT consultant or you’ve been debating it for some time, here are some sure-fire signs that now’s probably the right time to move forward with professional IT consulting services.

It May Be Time to Hire an IF…

If any of these signs reflect your situation, systems, or circumstances, contact the experts at IT1 Services before you spend more time and money on temporary band-aids.

1. You’ve had at least one IT emergency in the past 12 months.

From data breaches to system failures, IT emergencies are often big red flags that a company’s IT infrastructure and practices may not be in the best shape.

So, if you have experienced even just one IT emergency within the last year, the sooner you start working with experts, the better.


Experts can identify the issues, devise the best-fit solutions (based on your objectives and needs), and help you implement them. That can mean a minimal risk of IT emergencies in the future.

2. You’re staff spend a lot of time handling IT issues or trying to get systems to work properly.

When systems lag, freeze, lose data, or cause other problems, your staff can face an uphill battle simply trying to do their jobs—and you may run the risk of frustrating or turning off customers.

Whenever antiquated, vulnerable, or infected systems impact your staff’s productivity and your bottom line, it’s usually a good time to call in an IT consultant.

3. Your systems are old, and it’s time for an upgrade.

Are you familiar with the latest hardware, software, and systems that can support your small business’ needs?

Even if you are, in all likelihood, an experienced IT consultant will be far more knowledgeable—both about the available options and the potential problems they’ve encountered with each.

That can make a big difference in getting the best upgrades to meet your needs both now and in the years to come. It can also affect how you roll out those upgrades to ensure minimal downtime and impact.

4. Your business is falling behind.

Today’s customer is tech-savvy, often expecting to easily and immediately communicate with businesses online and get helpful answers when they have questions. For businesses, this requires reliable technology and staff who are trained on how to use it.

Companies that cannot meet these customer expectations will usually lose out to competitors who do.

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