When technology fails, your company can come to a screeching halt. That can mean lost business and profits. It may also damage reputations, create privacy risks for customers, and put companies out of business.

The good news is that small business owners can avoid technology failures—and keep their IT systems running smoothly—if:  They are aware of these common and costly mistakes and they take the right actions to avoid them.

Top 5 IT & Tech Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

Small business owners may make these mistakes because they’re trying to save money, they may not know much about IT, or they’re simply just too busy to deal with IT needs before they become problems.

Regardless of why these oversights occur, they can all have serious impacts, possibly causing major damage that requires expensive solutions.

1. Skipping or Delaying Hardware Upgrades

Running hardware into the ground can mean downtime and lost productivity. So, be aware of your hardware’s shelf life and make the necessary upgrades before the end of your systems’ lifecycles.

When you do this, remember that:

  • Migrating to new hardware takes time: Don’t leave it until the last minute. Give your company time to make the transition well before hardware starts to fail.
  • New systems eventually become old: That means, eventually, your new hardware may need to support more robust software. Meet those needs while prolonging the need for replacement in the future by upgrading beyond the minimum requirements.

2. Overlooking Security

From malware and spam to viruses and spyware, there are many insidious ways data thefts can target small businesses. And small businesses are not immune. In fact, they make up about 43% of data breach victims, according to recent findings.

So, don’t wait to think about data and system security until it’s too late. With these security issues, the best offense is a good defense.

3. Not Having a Reliable Backup System or Process

How often is your data getting backed up? When was the last time you checked your backup directory?

It’s not uncommon for these questions to leave small business owners speechless or with their own questions.

Backing up your data doesn’t have to be a hassle, and it can certainly prevent data losses, panic, and other problems in the future.

4. Using Untrained People for IT Needs

Relying on a friend or current staff to support a small business’ technology needs can cause cascading problems in the future, like (but not limited to):

  • Systems being poorly set up, making them more vulnerable to bugs and viruses
  • Security issues that can make systems prime targets for data thieves
  • Having to shell out more money in the future to fix the mistakes made by the untrained individual

Avoid this mistake by hiring a qualified, trained, and experienced IT service professional.

5. Having No IT Plan

IT upgrades, initiatives, and maintenance are easy to overlook and forget about when small business owners don’t have plans in place to address them. All too often, that ends up meaning that IT needs don’t get addressed until after problems happen.

An experienced IT consultant, like the experts at IT1 Services, can audit small businesses’ software, hardware, and IT systems to help create custom plans that meet their needs, budget, and objectives.

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