SINCE 1983


When you started your business, you probably began with a dream.

You sought to use your skills and talents to create something from nothing and go into business for yourself. Of course, in today’s business world, it’s necessary to integrate information technology into your business model, but that’s not where your focus needs to be. Just as you’ve started your own business in order to use your talents,

our company focuses on using our special expertise: IT.

It might be tempting to believe that you can get ahead of the game by doing everything in-house, but in truth, this isn’t an efficient use of your time, resources, or personnel unless your company has such a huge demand for tech services that it makes sense to employ a full-time IT department. Naturally, this is rarely the case.

We pride ourselves on our ability to sit down with our clients and examine their needs and expectations so that we can customize a plan that provides you with exceptional IT support at a competitive price. Our philosophy is proactive and preventative, helping you increase productivity while avoiding IT issues before they happen. Of course, if there is a crisis, we’ll help you through it!

We help our clients with:

  • Network design, installation, & maintenance
  • Software support
  • PC, hardware sales, support, & repairs
  • Cloud based IT services

Our Approach

We are a mission oriented company where our only goal is to accomplish the mission. We will work night and day to get the job done. We don’t give excuses. We give answers. We can’t guarantee that you’ll like the answers but they will be honest and accurate.

Our Story

IT1 Services has gone through a few iterations over the last 40 years moving from New Mexico, to California, and now to Colorado in 2005. The company is owned by an engineer who’s goal is to resolve the problem and who never takes no for an answer.

Contact Us

Get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.  We look forward to hearing from you!