You never know when an IT disaster will strike. When it does, it can wreak havoc on critical systems and data. The only thing you can do, as a responsible Denver business owner, is make sure you have plan ready so that:

  • Immediate action can be taken to stop the attack and mitigate any damage.
  • You can efficiently and effectively deal with the crisis, minimizing downtime, lost productivity, and more.
  • You and your business are able to bounce back and recover faster, ideally with as little impacts as possible to your IT assets, your business’ reputation, and your bottom line.

Use This Recovery Checklist after an IT Disaster Strikes

Small business owners in Denver can use this helpful checklist to start developing a disaster recovery plan for their company. To get expert advice or help recovering from any IT disaster, simply contact IT1 Services.

  • Identify the critical personnel who will respond to a disaster: Who will need to jump into action after a cyberattack, system crashes, or any other IT disaster? A good recovery plan will outline the key personnel, roles, and responsibilities (across different departments) for disaster response.
  • Define the recovery objectives: Which systems and files are the priority for recovery? Does it make more sense to recover from a backup or a restore point? And, in a worst-case scenario, how much downtime and/or data loss can your business afford? The more clearly these types of recovery objectives are defined, the more effective a plan will be at helping a company recover from an IT disaster.
  • Assess risks and impacts: Is a security breach, cyberattack, or data loss localized to one system or has it affected the entire company network? Have certain systems gone down or have files been deleted? Outlining what should be done to assess the impacts of a disaster can minimize delays in addressing it.
  • Establish communication needs: Who needs to be informed of an IT disaster? At what point and how should they be informed? From company stakeholders to customers and regulators, there may be various parties that need to be informed about an IT disaster (depending on what happens and the type of data that is compromised, lost, or stolen). Communication protocols can not only preserve a company’s reputation, but they can also keep them in compliance with all data breach reporting laws (when applicable).

The list above can be just the tip of the iceberg in terms of actions that businesses should take to recover from an IT disaster.

For Denver businesses, the best way to recover from and minimize the risk of future IT disasters is to contact IT1 Services.

Get Expert Help Recovering from a Cyberattack: Contact IT1 Services

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