For the 17th year in a row, U.S. authorities are promoting National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) throughout the month of October. Observed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other partner agencies, NCSAM is focused on raising awareness about cyber crimes, cybersecurity, and how to avoid being victimized online. This campaign targets consumers, businesses, and other organizations, empowering them the information they need to minimize online risks and optimize cybersecurity.

To support NCSAM in 2020, here are some essential cybersecurity tips for small businesses in Denver.

6 Cybersecurity Tips for Denver Businesses

These tips can help companies and their employees protect their sensitive information and IT assets. Whenever you need more information and expert advice regarding cybersecurity—or if it’s time to recover from a cyber attack, don’t hesitate to contact IT1 Services.

1. Install a firewall.

Firewalls help keep intruders and hackers out of private networks. If staff routinely work from remote locations, it’s important that firewalls are also set up at those access points (like at an employee’s home).

2. Maintain your hardware and software.

Don’t ignore system updates. Make a plan to check and update your IT assets regularly, so outdated software doesn’t leave your systems vulnerable to attacks.

3. Change passwords regularly.

Require that staff change their passwords every one to three months. Also, routinely update the passwords for any company-wide systems and virtual private networks. If you don’t have multifactor authentication setup, consider implementing one.

4. Backup your data regularly.

Automate backups of your company’s data. Ideally, backups should be stored offsite or in the cloud.

5. Train employees regularly.

Ultimately, no matter how secure your hardware and software may be, the people who use it can present the biggest risks to cybersecurity.

So, conduct annual or semi-annual trainings to keep cybersecurity best practices top of mind for staff. As you introduce new systems, practices, or protocols, it’s a good idea to hold additional trainings.

6. Have a disaster recovery plan.

Develop a detailed plan of action that can be deployed in immediate response to any cyberattack. It’s best to create these plans with IT experts, who can help you anticipate the various steps that need to be taken to minimize the impacts of an attack.

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