Like everything else in the world, technology is not perfect. It can act up unexpectedly, especially if systems are outdated or vulnerable.

Whenever that happens, remote IT support can be a good first-line defense, but it doesn’t always cut it.

In fact, there are some cases in which remote IT support will only waste time and delay a resolution. Here’s a look at when that usually occurs.

4 Signs You Need On-Site IT Support

If you’re experiencing any of the following IT issues, contact a local IT consultant in Denver, like the experts at IT1 Services, for the on-site IT support you likely need. We respond quickly, ready to diagnose and resolve whatever IT problems or needs small businesses have.

1. Internet Failures

If your company’s internet continually fails or simply isn’t working up to par, remote IT support will likely have problems connecting to your system. So, this option likely won’t be possible with internet issues.

Even if it is, however, remote IT consultants can’t inspect the hardware used to connect to the internet, seriously limiting the ability to efficiently diagnose the problem(s).

2. Viruses

Systems may need to be opened in SAFE mode when viruses attack, and making a mistake could compromise the data and a company’s entire IT system.

When it’s time to make sure everything is done properly and minimize—or recover from—the damage caused by computer viruses, malware, spyware, and more, it’s best to have on-site guidance and support from an experienced IT consultant.

3. Hardware Problems

As with internet problems, hardware problems require system inspections, and remote IT consultants simply can’t do that.

With on-site IT support, an expert can:

  • Look at and test your systems
  • Get an understanding of your objectives, needs, and processes
  • Talk to you directly, asking about the challenges and IT issues you and your staff have experienced
  • Make more accurate recommendations and action plans for fixing or replacing the troubled hardware

4. System Losses or Mishaps

When IT systems unexpectedly act up and/or data goes missing, it can be difficult to know the cause of the problem. Tracking it down and figuring out how to fix it often demands in-person hardware inspections, as well as system recovery, hardware upgrades, and/or employee training.

An on-site IT consultant will be far more effective than remote IT support when it comes to resolving the problem(s) and devising optimal plans to prevent similar IT issues in the future.

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