In the modern digital age, ignoring a business’ IT needs and assets can be a disaster. It can result in cyberattacks, data loss, reduced productivity, and all sorts of other issues. While an upgrade can offer the ideal solution to proactively avoid those risks and losses, it’s not always crystal-clear when upgrades are needed and how often they should be done.

To help Denver business owners appropriately gauge their IT upgrade needs, here’s a look at the typical service life of various network equipment, along with guidance on how often different elements of your IT network should be checked out by a pro.

How Long Does IT Equipment Last?

In general, a company’s IT assets will have an average shelf life of about:

  • 1 year for software: Every 12 months, software licenses tend to expire, and newer versions of programs and security software are typically available. Working with the latest software can help a team avoid lags while also reducing potential cybersecurity risks.
  • 2 to 3 years for a WiFi network: Wireless connections are getting faster than ever, and after about a couple of years, existing WiFi networks can be archaic. Plus, if you’re upgrading your company’s essential software each year, you’ll likely need to upgrade your network every couple of years to support the new software’s needs, as well as your company’s growth in that time.
  • 5 years for routers and switches: This equipment will start showing its age after about three to five years, with reduced speeds, shorter range, and maybe even signs of heat damage.
  • 10 years for wiring: While wiring can have a fairly long service life, it can be wise to consider fiber optic upgrades when you’re already planning other network upgrades, like new routers and switches.

How Often Should My Systems & Network Be Checked?

Your IT assets should be routinely checked to ensure they are always working at their best. While that means regular system backups, it also means:

  • Security checks
  • Scheduled software and hardware upgrades
  • Staff training to identify and report network problems
  • Regular maintenance so equipment failures don’t take systems down

The right IT service provider can evaluate, schedule, and carry out these systems checks so that business owners can focus on growing their company.

How Do I Get Help with a Network Upgrade or System Checks?

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