The IT service provider you choose can make a big difference in how your business operates and engages with customers. Yet, with so many options for IT service providers and consultants in Denver, it can be hard to know who to choose.

After all, the wrong provider may create more problems and vulnerabilities, possibly even costing you more money in the long run (if you end up having to fix their mistakes or recover from IT disasters).

Here’s how to identify who to avoid and who you can rely on when you’re on the hunt for the best IT partner in the Denver metro area.

6 Questions to Ask When You’re Searching for the Best IT Service Provider in Denver

To make sure you find the right Denver IT provider to meet your needs—in terms of experience, value, solutions, and service—here’s what you need to ask when you’re screening the options. If you don’t have time to sift through the options, contact IT1 Services for 5-star IT service and solutions in Denver.

1. What is out of the scope of your services?

A qualified provider will be able to clearly state what they do not do. If there’s something you need that a provider doesn’t offer, think about whether you want to retain multiple parties to support those needs. In some cases, it may be cost-effective; in others, it may not be.

2. What do you charge extra for?

Will you be billed extra if you go over a certain number of “service hours” each month? What about service needs outside of standard business hours?

Whatever the case may be, make sure you know how or when you could be charged extra. What looks like a good deal upfront may leave you with ballooning bills later if you’re not fully aware of the limits of service and what could trigger additional feeds.

3. What kind of response time can I expect when I contact you with a problem?

Will you be able to talk to a person when you call? If you send an email and/or leave a voicemail, how soon can you expect a response? And what about availability and responsiveness after hours, over weekends, or during holidays?

Disasters don’t always wait for business hours to strike, and you don’t want to be left waiting for days when you need help ASAP.

4. What kind of support do they offer—off site only?

Sometimes, the most efficient way to resolve IT problems and restore systems is for experts to be on site, so they’re physically present to examine equipment and take immediate action. If a provider limits you to off-site support only, you could be setting your company up for more challenges and headaches later.

5. What is their disaster recovery plan?

Have they had success with the plan in the past? With IT, you have to be prepared for things to go wrong, and an expert will be able to easily explain what actions they take to anticipate, prepare for, avert, and recover from IT disasters.

6. What was one of the biggest disasters they faced with a client & how did they handle or resolve it?

An experienced provider will have at least one story that comes to mind with this question—and a good one will be able to tell you what they learned from it.

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