In today’s Internet-driven world, a company’s IT network can be its backbone. From engaging and serving customers to keeping the administrative side of a business going, a reliable, well-configured IT network can be pivotal to productivity and the success of a business.

Whether you’re setting up a network for a startup or it’s time to take a decades-old system digital, here are some of the key components a good IT network will need.

6 Essential Components for an Effective IT Network

As you consider each of these aspects of your company’s IT network, be sure to think about current and future needs. The best IT networks will be able to scale and evolve with your business’ changing needs.

1. Servers

As the network’s central data manager, servers can be physical devices, based on or off-site, or they can be based in the cloud. Depending on a business’ needs, servers can be configured to store data by department, individual, and more. Beyond their storage capabilities, servers make it possible for staff to communicate and collaborate while keeping data secure.

2. Computers

In most businesses big and small, across several industries, computers are as essential as phones. Whether or not staff beyond the office will need computers, company emails, firewalls, and much more may need to be set up, along with the actual hardware itself.

3. Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Serving as a vital first line of defense against data loss, NSA devices backup servers routinely. So, if there’s ever a cyberattack, a hardware failure, or some other event that results in data loss, the NAS will have backups, letting you restore the lost data.

4. Off-Site Data Storage

With IT, redundancy is always a good thing, especially in the realm of cybersecurity and disaster recovery plans. To that end, backing up a local NAS with a cloud-based data backup option is strongly advised. While that level of backup could be priceless if the NAS is ever destroyed, it can also let you and your staff work remotely whenever needed.

5. Wireless Access Points

You’ll need to have enough WiFi access points to cover your entire office space while providing the signal strength you need. If you want to offer WiFi to your customers, then you’ll also need to set up a separate public guest network.

6. A Virtual Private Network (VPN)

If you or your staff will routinely need to access your company’s secure data from remote locations, then a VPN will be essential. With VPNs, anyone with access can easily and securely access company data anywhere there’s an internet connection. That can be incredibly helpful for sales teams on the go, a remote workforce in the age of COVID-19, and so many other situations

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