Nearly 9 in 10 companies that migrate to the cloud see their business accelerate, and more than 50% of cloud migrations offer better cybersecurity than on-site IT. That’s according to experts, who also say that companies usually hold off on cloud migration because:

  1. They are misled by the myths about cloud computing.
  2. They aren’t fully aware of the cloud’s benefits.
  3. They don’t know how to get started with cloud computing.

Whether you’re just starting to consider cloud migration for your business—or you’ve been looking at it for some time—ask yourself these questions to determine if now’s the right time to migrate.

Time to Migrate to the Cloud? 5 Questions to Ask

These questions and answers can help you get a clear understanding of whether now’s the right time to move to the cloud and, if so, what your cloud service needs may be.

1. Are you experiencing challenges scaling resources to meet increasing demands?

The cloud empowers businesses to easily scale resources. This lets your staff immediately leverage resources to respond to changing demand on the fly.

2. Are your IT storage needs increasing, along with your IT operational costs and infrastructure overhead?

You can reduce these costs, cut your IT overhead, and enhance your IT operations with cloud migration. In fact, even if your IT storage needs and operational costs have remained steady, migrating to the cloud can still help cut expenses while providing more flexibility and enhanced capabilities.

3. Do you need an easy way to track and update your company’s IT assets?

Through the cloud, you can easily manage and complete system backups, software upgrades, and other IT maintenance on all company systems and assets. This not only optimizes cybersecurity, but it also streamlines the process of protecting and maintaining your company’s essential IT systems.

4. How can moving to the cloud support or improve the company’s customer experience?

From reduced call waiting times to convenient access to data, cloud computing may offer several benefits to your company’s customer base. With that potential, cloud computing also has the potential to improve the overall customer experience and your company’s reputation.

5. Will cloud migration support your company vision and longer-term strategic goals?

For companies looking to improve operations and grow in the future, cloud computing can be essential. Typically, businesses benefit most when they move to the cloud before on-site IT operations become too cumbersome, costly, and inefficient.

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