Modern businesses in Denver and across the world depend on their IT infrastructure and assets. While it’s important to keep the hardware and software that comprise these assets updated and secure, it’s just as crucial to make sure a company’s staff is knowledgeable about how to use and maintain hardware and software.

That’s where staff IT training comes in. Businesses with a solid, well-developed IT training program for their employees can save time and money while preserving their critical systems and minimizing the risks of downtime. Here’s why.

Why Do My Business’ Employees Need IT Training?

The right IT training program for employees can offer several benefits to staff and businesses, including (but not limited to):

  • Enhanced efficiencies: Staff will know how to operate and navigate systems and data, helping them do their jobs at optimal efficiency (rather than wasting time looking for things, trying to figure out how to use systems, etc.).
  • Improved knowledge and performance: Training will grow staff’s knowledge about how IT systems work, when to upgrade them, and basic troubleshooting. That can make them better at using those systems to do their jobs, enhancing overall performance.
  • Room for innovation: When employees know how to use IT systems, they can think about ways to optimize existing processes, which can streamline operations and create opportunities for advancement.

When Should Employee IT Training Occur?

Generally, it’s best to conduct IT training for staff when:

  • New employees join your team.
  • Major changes are made to your network, systems, hardware, and/or software.
  • There is a need to alter workflow or implement new IT policies, like after a cyberattack.

Outside of these events, training once a year for current staff is also a good idea. It can be a helpful refresher on best practices and system uses.

What Should Be Covered in Employee IT Training?

The best training is usually specific to a business’ processes and staff. With IT training, generally, it’s important to cover topics like (but not limited to):

  • System uses and capabilities
  • Data storage options and backups
  • Cybersecurity best practices
  • When to upgrade or update software and/or hardware
  • How to do some basic troubleshooting
  • Routine system, hardware, and/or software maintenance

How Do I Get IT Training & Support for My Employees?

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