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Public & Private  Cloud Solutions

Cloud services offer businesses flexible solutions for storing, managing and accessing information from anywhere, with any device and at any time. At IT1 Services, LLC, we offer a range of custom, secure, easy-to-use cloud solutions to fit your business’ current and future needs while effectively supporting and streamlining its operations.

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What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing involves the secure storage and maintenance of data and applications on remote servers. This empowers staff to access critical information stored on the cloud wherever and whenever they need it.

With public clouds, information is stored and maintained on a multitenant server, meaning others’ data and applications may also be housed on the server holding your information.

With private clouds, information is stored and maintained on a server dedicated to your company only. Private cloud servers can be leased or purchased, and they can be housed onsite or offsite (at a business or a datacenter). Generally, private clouds are necessary for compliance in highly regulated industries (like healthcare).

Some benefits of cloud computing include:

• Cost savings on vital IT hardware and software
• Automatic hardware and software updates and backups that do not require user interaction
• Scalable, agile and ubiquitous solutions for data storage and maintenance.

The IT experts at IT1 Services, LLC are ready to discuss and assess your business’ needs and devise a solution that will best serve them now and well into the future.

Our Public & Private Cloud Computing Services

The public and private cloud services at IT1 Services, LLC offer an array of secure solutions, including (but not limited to):

• Storage via OneDrive – Providing 1 TB of cloud storage, this solution can replace all other cloud storage, housing critical data, Windows settings, BitLocker recovery keys, photos, videos and more.

• Collaboration Platforms like SharePoint® – This tool provides a dynamic, highly configurable platform for secure document management and storage, intranets, collaboration and much more.

• Email via Office 365 – Whether your company operates with one or thousands of email addresses, Microsoft's Office 365 provides an excellent solution to your email needs. With this aspect of our cloud computing solutions, we can migrate data from other sources to Office 365, create individual and shared email boxes, create aliases and much more.

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The IT experts at IT1 Services, LLC are ready to analyze your business’ IT needs, explain your options and deliver best-fit solutions.

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For more than 30 years, IT1 Services has been providing clients with:

• Innovative, mission-critical solutions to enhance availability, accessibility and efficiency
• Flexible, scalable systems to fit their needs and help them achieve their objectives
• Disaster recovery solutions to protect their equipment from security threats, outages and other perils that can cause huge financial losses.

IT1 Services, LLC bills at a one (1) hour minimum, and we offer SUBSTANTIAL discounts for prepaid blocks of hours (from 10 to 50 hours), charging rates as low as $90 per hour. We are also happy to provide detailed work reports, explaining the work we have accomplished, upon request.

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