Cherrelyn Animal Hospital

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Frankie Friend & Associates

Brett Minzer and IT1 Services, Inc. has been our IT support vendor for several years, providing consistent quality service.  Brett has been integral to developing an integrated approach to our IT infrastructure.  Prior to Brett’s involvement, our IT approach was disjointed and systems would not work well together which was costly for a small business.  He was able to help us develop an IT system that is efficient, fits our small business size, and could be built incrementally.  Brett and the IT1 Services staff are responsive day or night keeping down time to a minimum.  I highly recommend IT1 Services!



Gary Ryals

Builders Glass, LLC

Builders’ Glass has worked with Denver IT services since the inception of their company. The reason for the loyalty is service. Among other things, when a part or all of our system goes down and employees are frittering away time, Denver IT has answered the call to get the system up and running. That works for us.


Doug Viita
Builders Glass