Telecommuting has become a new norm for so many small businesses across Denver and the U.S. From dealing with the pandemic to reducing overhead costs, remote work has empowered small businesses to shift gears and stay agile in today’s ever-changing world.

Whether it’s time to launch or improve the telecommuting processes and systems for your small business in the Denver area, here are the top three remote access solutions that can support your company, no matter where your employees may be working from.

Remote Access Solution #1: Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

VPNs provide secure access to company data while allowing employees to share files. The only thing remote employees would need to access the resources, intranet sites, and/or databases on a VPN is a secure internet connection.

With VPNs as remote work solutions, it’s crucial to evaluate:

  • Potential weak points: VPNs will only be as secure as the hardware and users that access them. Consequently, multifactor authentications and user best practices should be considered when setting up VPNs.
  • Future needs: VPN licenses and bandwidth for current and future needs will also need to be assessed in order to configure a VPN that will best serve a small business operations and objectives.

Remote Access Solution #2: Software

Remote desktop software lets IT professionals access hardware, like laptops and desktop computers, to perform key tasks. This can include anything from troubleshooting problems to performing routine maintenance and security checks.

This solution can also be incredibly useful for a company’s employees. Through remote desktop software, an employee can connect to his or her computer remotely by simply knowing the hardware’s IP address.

There are various options for remote access software, and the best one will depend on the structure, size, and needs of a company.

Remote Access Solution #3: Cloud Computing

Providing flexibility and connectivity, cloud computing is another way employees can remotely access the information they need while continuing to collaborate with each other. From emailing and file sharing to deploying security updates and scaling operations, cloud computing can offer an ideal solution for supporting a telecommuting work environment, saving small businesses time and money.

What Remote Access Solutions Does My Denver Business Need?

Here are some of the key factors to consider when it’s time to determine which remote access solutions will best support your business:

  • Will my company’s employees be able to easily use this solution?
  • How much time, effort, and money are needed to get the remote access solution(s) launched?
  • Will the solution(s) continue to support and fit the business’ needs in the coming year (and beyond)?

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