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Website design can be integral to showcasing a brand while setting a website up for optimal user experience and engagement. At IT1 Services, LLC, we offer custom, comprehensive website design services to create eye-catching, optimized, responsive designs for small and large companies alike.


Our experienced website designers are ready to partner with you, determine your design needs and objectives, and devise custom design solutions that will:


  • Enhance your business’ visibility online
  • Position your site for optimal performance, rankings, traffic and conversions
  • Best serve your business today and well into the future.


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Website Design Solutions at IT1 Services, LLC


The website design services at IT1 Services, LLC include an array of secure, cutting-edge solutions that use the latest technologies, as well as industry best practices, to create engaging, optimized websites. Our design services include (and are not necessarily limited to):


  • Website theme research – This involves analysis of your needs and extensive research of the available themes to select a handful of options for you to review and choose from. The focus will be to select a user-friendly, responsive theme that supports the necessary page builders, plugins and other site features.
  • WordPress & plugin installation – This can include anything from coordinating the purchase of domain names and installing WordPress to backing up websites, converting them to WordPress sites and installing the required plugins.
  • Responsive, optimized design – This involves all of the front-end and back-end work necessary to create a design that will be fully functional and engaging on any desktop or wireless device and across any browser. This also involves developing the information architecture and optimizing websites to provide the best possible user experience.
  • Social media account integration – This includes installing linked social media icons to business’ social media pages, including those on Facebook, Google+, FourSquare, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.
  • Installation of custom features to support your business – This can involve the installation of anything from email contact forms and live chat features to ecommerce tools, newsletter subscription signups and much more.


Our Process


To design websites that are perfectly tailored to our clients’ needs and goals, our experts will work closely with clients at each stage of our multiphase design process, which includes:


  1. Conducting the initial strategy and discovery meeting – Our team will evaluate your current website (if you have one). We will then interview you and provide you with a detailed questionnaire so we can better understand your brand, preferences and website requirements. This initial phase culminates with a detailed project plan and timeline so you know precisely what deliverables to expect at each stage of the project moving forward.
  2. Designing mockups – During this phase, our experts will focus on developing the information architecture and user experience for your site. This will involve creating mockups of the website design that feature the layout, functionalities, user paths and other specifications necessary. The mockup will serve as a blueprint for the website. Once the mockup is finished, you will have the opportunity to review it and provide feedback before it is built out into a functional development site (dev site).
  3. Building out the dev site – At this stage, our experts will complete the front-end coding and back-end development to assure the site has a fully functional responsive design. This phase will also include completion of the site’s functionalities and content management system.
  4. Conducting quality assurance reviews – Once the dev site has been built out, we will carefully review and test all aspects of the site, from loading times and appearance across multiple devices and browsers to security, functionality and more. This phase will also involve client review and feedback on the dev site so that any final changes can made before the final launch phase.
  5. Laughing the website– After the quality assurance phase has been completed, the dev site will be ready to take live. Our administrator will oversee everything necessary to launch the site, and our team will conduct additional quality assurance testing on the live site to ensure proper and optimal performance.


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The experts at IT1 Services, LLC are ready to discuss your website design needs, explain your options and deliver the solutions that will best serve your business’ needs and goals.


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For more than 30 years, IT1 Services has been providing clients with fast, friendly, professional service while delivering innovative, mission-critical website design solutions to enhance visibility, accessibility and efficiency.


At IT1 Services, we know that websites, technology systems and IT support can play a pivotal role in shaping, operating and growing businesses. That is why our experienced consultants are dedicated to:


  • Providing the best in web design services
  • Cultivating and maintaining strong, lasting client relationships that are built on a foundation of trust, excellence and client-centered service.


IT1 Services bills at a one (1) hour minimum, and we offer SUBSTANTIAL discounts for prepaid service blocks (ranging from 10 to 50 hours), charging rates as low as $90 per hour. We are also happy to provide detailed work reports, explaining the work we have accomplished, upon request.