Hybrid cloud blends private clouds with at least one public cloud service, giving businesses more flexibility with and control over their workloads and data. With the ability to scale, securely store sensitive data, and leverage the resources of public clouds, hybrid cloud solutions can be ideal for small to large businesses across several industries.

Structure of Hybrid Clouds

The design and infrastructure and infrastructure of hybrid cloud solutions typically include:

  • A private cloud or secure network access
  • A public infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform
  • Local area networks (LAN)
  • Wide area networks (WAN)

Private and public cloud services must be compatible so that they can communicate with each other, with proprietary software enabling the connections between each service in a hybrid cloud. Since many companies start with a public cloud service, often, the private cloud for secure data storage is designed around the existing public cloud.

10 Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Solutions

There can be several benefits for businesses that adopt a hybrid cloud strategy. Some of the most significant ones include:

  1. Enhanced data control and security
  2. Secure consolidation of IT assets and resources
  3. Enhanced networking capabilities, which can be especially helpful in remote work environments
  4. The ability to extend and easily scale resources to respond to busy seasons or fast growth
  5. Far more workload and data storage options, allowing for best-use best suits each individual use case.
  6. Space savings, as hybrid clouds do not consume as much on-site room as private cloud services used alone
  7. Cost savings, as businesses will not need to pay for extensive computational resources when they do not need or are not using them
  8. Single plane management, which minimizes security risks and exposures while allowing for more secure management
  9. Convenience and ease of moving data between private and public environments, as business needs evolve and companies grow
  10. Streamlined process and enhanced productivity, as workloads can easily be shifted while management is unified

While hybrid cloud strategies can be an effective, powerful solution for startups, as well as established and growing companies, they are generally unique to a given business and its existing processes and IT resources. The best way to discover if a hybrid cloud is right for your business is to consult an IT expert.

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