Modern, well-maintained IT systems work in the background, empowering the day-to-day operations of companies with little to no attention. As businesses and technology evolve, however, companies’ IT needs can change, sometimes rendering their existing networks, hardware, and software inadequate or unreliable.

When that happens, their employees, customers, and profits can suffer.

5 Signs a Company Has Outgrown Its Network & IT Infrastructure

If any of these warning signs rings true with your company, it’s likely time to upgrade its IT assets. The sooner upgrades happen, the more problems, costs, and/or headaches can be avoided in the future.

1. Delayed Upgrades

If you haven’t been properly maintaining your IT assets, don’t put off an upgrade any longer. While the timing for upgrades varies by business, about 1 in 3 small businesses expects to upgrade their IT systems, hardware, and/or software every two years (or less).

So, if it’s been longer than two years since your company’s last upgrade, you could be due for one.

2. Lags

Are staff routinely experiencing system delays or crashes? Do customers have a difficult time placing orders on websites, communicating with your team virtually, or otherwise engaging with your business via its IT assets?

If so, system lags could be reducing productivity while getting in the way of access (and potential sales) to your customers. The right upgrades can support your company’s team, operations, and client relationships, both now and in the future.

3. Fast Growth

Companies that are growing quickly will be hiring more staff and/or opening new locations. All of that can take modern technology that empowers them to scale operations and stay connected while supporting their growth.

4. Convoluted or Redundant Processes

If staff or customers have to jump through too many hoops to get things done, it’s time to consider more efficient platforms. Streamlining processes with modern systems and infrastructure can optimize productivity and set the stage for better customer engagement.

5. New Specialties

As businesses change direction or expand their offerings, they may need different platforms, network configurations, software, and more. Whenever your company has shifted gears, get your IT systems and infrastructure audited by an experienced consultant.

This can help you anticipate your evolving IT needs, so you’re fully equipped, from a technology standpoint, to make the next chapter of your company successful.

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